Suggestion for growing the community around Crystal

Thanks for sharing that @oren!

Two details in that announcement struck me as being important to our discussion process here as well (highlighted by me):

Today, after almost a year of research, consulting, gathering requirements, testing candidate stacks and distilling everything we’ve learned in the process down to the essentials

They took a long time to evaluate and make a decision.
Our community is much smaller and has fewer operational constraints, so I’d expect we can act much more agile. But still, there’s no reason to rush. We don’t have a demand for quick migration, the current setup has brought us so far and can certainly do for a while.

it had to be not just transparent but open, not just legitimate but seen to be legitimate

We don’t just need a pick, but a decision making process that results in a solution that is supported and lived by the community.


And what they will definitely not use and rather just stop regular participation


Has anyone considered Discord?

There is an unofficial discord server.

In the mean time, @asterite could you post the new invite link to the slack server?


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Hmm in the interest of not splintering the community (and I realize this is an ongoing discussion);

I’m curious as to why this forum ( is not what’s linked from the crystal-lang home page. The home page links to this Google Group:!forum/crystal-lang

Shouldn’t the page link to this discord forum instead?


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Top link “Forum” is pointing to this forum. What link are you talking about?

Bottom of page “Community Channels”

“General discussion” is the google group. That should point here.

Note if you expand to “Show All” it correctly links to this forum again on that page. So this appears to be the only link to fix


The footer link has been updated. Thanks! :see_no_evil:


What about element?(formally Sorry to throw another service into the mix.

Its free in both senses. Some people prefer OSS so slack may be a barrier. We can host it in so no cost or maintenance.

IRC, it doesn’t delete post history like slack.

It also has apps available on all platforms, web, desktop & mobile.


I like element and there is a crystal channel there is you want to join us.!

hi guys, please, I am actively learning crystal. and I want to create a community in Colombia, therefore, I would like to be in the slack group. Can you send me the invitation to


A slack invitation link was already posted in this thread Suggestion for growing the community around Crystal

I’m not sure the Slack workspace is actively used, though. You can find other community chat platforms at
I know IRC and Gitter are regularly frequented.

The link is no longer active.

Here’s a new link:

Do note that that Slack is kind of abandoned: it had no activity in the past months at all.

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I recommend using the Discord server which is pretty active:


So I think it is better to not refer to it anymore and close for not scattering the community around.


As said in this post, Gitter, Matrix, IRC and bridges, having bridges between Slack, Discord, Gitter and Matrix is an option. This can satisfy most of us, by allowing to use our preferred chat.

It is already very possible to use Matrix to access our existing communication channels (but further bridging is not viable at the moment).

If someone was disgruntled by the UI of either IRC or Gitter, there you go.

And I’ll still just repeat: please :clap: don’t :clap: fragment :clap: the :clap: community