Upcoming Crystal 1.11.0 Release

The next Crystal release, 1.11 is scheduled for January 8.

As usual, this is precluded by a two-week freeze period starting next week on December 25 (:christmas_tree:). We’ll be using this time to consolidate the release and only bug fixes will be merged.

The current HEAD of the master branch serves as a preview of the release. You can obtain pre-release builds from current nightlies or build directly from master.
We appreciate any report of regressions caused by our latest nightly builds.

Instructions for installing nightly builds are available at Install Nightly Builds - The Crystal Programming Language

This is one of the biggest releases so far and expected to bring a lot of feature enhancements.
One of the biggest steps forward is support for upcoming LLVM 18 which allows linking LLVM dynamically on Windows. Other improvements for Windows support include the implementation of various numeric algorithms in native Crystal for better portability.
The compiler gains support for incremental optimization levels. crystal spec gets two new commands: --list-tags and --dry-run. crystal tool unreachable (introduced in 1.10) also gets some further enhancements.
Furthermore, there are a ton of bug fixes, stabilizing the compiler and standard library.

You can find all changes in the milestone 1.11.0.