Upcoming Crystal 1.10 Release

The next release Crystal 1.10 release is scheduled for October 9.

As usual, this is precluded by a two-week freeze period starting next week on September 25. We’ll be using this time to consolidate the release and only bug fixes will be merged.

The current HEAD of the master branch serves as a preview of the release. You can obtain pre-release builds from current nightlies or build directly from master.
We appreciate any report of regressions caused by our latest nightly builds.

Instructions for installing nightly builds are available at Install Nightly Builds - The Crystal Programming Language

This release is not expected to bring any big impact changes, but many smaller feature enhancements and bug fixes, stabilizing the compiler and standard library.
The most notable language change is the introduction of unlimited block unpacking (https://github.com/crystal-lang/crystal/pull/11597).


There is no installation package for windows in the 1.10 release.

In this instance, an issue with the windows CI job was discovered during the release: Fix `win.yml` by straight-shoota · Pull Request #13876 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub.

However for future reference, there are additional things that need to be completed after the GH release is tagged. Wait until the official forum thread announcing the release before reporting issues like this.

Got it, expect v1.10.1