Upcoming release 1.13.0

The next Crystal release, 1.13 is scheduled for July 9.

As usual, this is precluded by a two-week feature freeze period, starting June 25. We’ll be using this time until the release to consolidate the changes and fix bugs.

A preview of the release notes is available: Crystal 1.13.0 is released! - The Crystal Programming Language

Some of the highlights:

  • Changes to the OpenSSL Default Configuration
  • type restrictions on rescue can use modules
  • new WaitGroup concurrency primitive
  • rescuing exceptions that include a module
  • Tracing for runtime components

You can find all changes in the (provisional) changelog (PR: #14712).

There will be further additions to these resources as we merge additional changes.

The current HEAD of the master branch serves as a preview of the release. We appreciate any report of regressions caused by our latest nightly builds.

Instructions for installing nightly builds are available at Nightlies - The Crystal Programming Language