What about this script to ship dynamic libraries with a Crystal executable (mimicking a static build)

# The name of the executable

# Create a directory to hold the app and dependencies
mkdir -p "MyApp.app/Contents/MacOS"
mkdir -p "MyApp.app/Contents/libs"

# Copy the app into the MacOS directory
cp $app "MyApp.app/Contents/MacOS/"

# Get the dependencies
dependencies=$(otool -L $app | awk 'NR>1{print $1}')

# Copy the dependencies into the libs directory and rename them
for dep in $dependencies; do
  dep_name=$(basename $dep)
  cp $dep "MyApp.app/Contents/libs/$dep_name"
  install_name_tool -change $dep "@executable_path/../libs/$dep_name" "MyApp.app/Contents/MacOS/$app"

# Create a script to set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable
cat > "MyApp.app/Contents/MacOS/MyApp" << EOF
export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH:\$(cd \$(dirname \$0) && pwd)/../libs

# Make the script executable
chmod 0755 "MyApp.app/Contents/MacOS/MyApp"