What wrong?

$ sudo make

Using /opt/clang-9.0.0/bin/llvm-config [version=9.0.0]

CRYSTAL_CONFIG_LIBRARY_PATH="" CRYSTAL_CONFIG_BUILD_COMMIT=“e71488174” SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=“1616597615” ./bin/crystal build -o .build/crystal src/compiler/crystal.cr -D without_openssl -D without_zlib

./bin/crystal: line 156: crystal: command not found

You need to have a crystal executable in your path! or set CRYSTAL env variable

make: *** [.build/crystal] Error 1

Hi! Assuming you are trying to compile Crystal, you first need to install crystal because that’s a dependency.

You find instructions for installing Crystal from source at Install From sources - The Crystal Programming Language
And yes, the first step ist to get a compiler binary because it is self-hosted.

Also shouldn’t run make as root :face_with_head_bandage: