WHat's the minimum OS requirement (for darwin/osx/macOS)?

As I am not able to install via ports, nor does the binary of the github release work for me (but I’m also trying to run it on Snow Leopard, which I heavily suspect to be the reason).

But before I install Lion and run into the same issue, and then Mountain Lion, …, it’s easier to ask, which version I’ll need at least.

And if it actually should run on SL, I am happy to provide whatever information might be useful (as I would absolutely prefer SL if it’s possible, but no blame if you say that’s too old to support)

Based on Platform Support - Crystal it should work on any version Lion (10.7) or newer.

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Can you try installing it via homebrew?

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I’ll (within the next 30minutes) and report back

Homebrew: no, because homebrew doesn’t support SL anymore
Tigerbrew (seems to be a homebrew fork for older darwins, never heard of it): maybe - but it fails when it wants to build node (according to tigerbrew crystal depends on it), because some source returns a 410.

Is there a reason you’re wanting to use a 13 year old OS? Could probably just upgrade to latest version and install via brew?

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Oh there are many reasons. I find it very aesthetic, it’s fast like… you could say, it’s fast like a snow leopard, it doesn’t get it in my way. Right now I also have a VM with Monterey running (for the experiments with calling crystal code as a ruby extension - that’s so awesome! But my Ruby on Mojave seems to have issues), and it’s on the limit to be called usable; the hardware isn’t the newest to be fair - but beefy up to Mojave. And, even though that’s irrelevant in my case as it’s running on Apple hardware anyway, it is kinda the latest OSX you can run fully legally on non-Apple hardware in some countries I think (or was Lion sold on CDs too? Not sure - like I said, I didn’t pay much attention to this point). For me it’s just because it’s fast, pretty, and doesn’t go in my way (as an example: on Monterey there is so much stuff, even as root I’m not allowed to do). And tbh - everything I needed so far, still works on it (although I admit, “dark screen” and Apple Pay would be really nice features - that’s why I spend about 50% on Mojave and 50% on SL).


FYI: it works starting from 10.8 (10.7 looked promising, but I wasn’t able to get it running). And while a Mountain Lion seems to be a much cooler cat anyway, sadly 10.8 is also the first version which doesn’t support MacRuby anymore. Oh well :man_shrugging:

Nice to know if we can create a poll for the live community member, how many users use Linux, MacOS or Window or Others?

Any thought?

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