When did you find Crystal?

I was trying to find a document I remembered for a presentation I am doing and found it in the 0.17.0 release notes. I was looking around to try and find out when I wrote my first Crystal program. I think I wrote my first Crystal program on 0.12.0 in early 2016.

When did you write your first Crystal program?


I think this was my first https://github.com/jwoertink/color-printer in 2016, so probably around the same version.


My oldest stuff written in Crystal that I can find is from late 2014. So much cringe and facepalm in those old files.


I think it was https://github.com/crystal-lang/crystal/pull/128, little side project in boring university lectures :D


2014 is super early in Crystal. What version was that?

Oh I don’t even remember off the top of my head what version we’re currently in, much less the first version of Crystal I installed years ago. But the first issue I opened at GitHub was on october 18, 2014 so it must have been 0.5.1 or earlier.


I have discovered Crystal on October 2015, nearly five years ago :slight_smile:

It was a revelation for me because before September i didn’t know either Ruby. I was developing for fun in C++ and GLSL but I had to find a job for my sandwiches courses diploma and a company who was writing code in Ruby accepted me.

I had needed one year to be as efficient in crystal as c++.
After that I tried my first shards (that doesn’t exists today but gitter have this link https://gitter.im/crystal-lang/crystal?at=57ffdf158eaaaea36692bed8 )

Today I develop SFML game on my freetime, one app for business, and help the community to grow in France :fr: :tada:

Thank you Crystal :heart:


I think I came across Crystal around 2018 from a tweet by jedisct1. As a long time Ruby programmer, I absolutely loved the syntax but I (naively) thought at the time it didn’t offer enough benefits over pure Ruby.

Then last September I read the parallelism blog post and I was blown away. Here was this language with Ruby syntax and fantastic speed, but it also offered the concurrency tools Ruby is still discussing for 3.0 and is already implementing parallelism tools that Ruby isn’t even yet discussing. After digging in more, some of the other benefits started becoming apparent as well – like just being able to compile to a self-contained binary opens up the door to using Crystal for so many little apps.