0.36.0 docker image uses Crystal 1.0.0

Hello, it looks like the docker image crystallang/crystal:0.36.0 was updated recently. It seems to contain Crystal version 1.0.0 instead of 0.36.0.

Command to reproduce:

docker run crystallang/crystal:0.36.0 /bin/sh -c “crystal --version”
Crystal 1.0.0 [dd40a2442] (2021-03-22)

LLVM: 10.0.0
Default target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu


Looks like the tags got messed up while fixing Latest docker image is broken · Issue #10678 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub

Sorry, my fault. This is fixed now. I pushed the right patched docker images for 0.36.0 and 0.36.1.

Thanks for reporting @samoen .