Bloomberg: "GitHub, Shopify, Stripe — top Ruby companies migrate to Crystal. Learn why"

Great news, Crystal folks! The language is finally getting the recognition it deserves! :tada:

Link to the article:

Some noteworthy citations from the text:

Cus it’s awesome, you know. It compiles and stuff…
– Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Vlad once came to our freenode chat and told us about Crystal and we’ve instantly fall in love (with the language, not Vlad)
@karllekko, Stripe Engineer

I’m truly happy for all the long path we’ve gone through! :heart_eyes:

Keep up the good work, though, and happy Backups day :+1:


I knew what I was getting into, but I still pressed the link :crazy_face:


I’m sure that one day this becomes a reality! :rocket:

I hate this date. Next year, I swear, I’ll go and have a vacation day and take a hike in the woods or something that keeps me away from other people for 24 hours.

Yours was well crafted though :)

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This seems to be fake news with a fake (or old, no longer available) URL link. Should it be removed?

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It’s an April’s Fool joke.

Oh, an April Fools joke? Ok.