Getting corporate support for Crystal

You see here and there a lot of prominent people on the internet trying Crystal and having a good time.
However unfortunately Crystal is too immature and lacks necessary core developers to advance further in a space where already mature players are dominating.

The Ruby shops are unlikely to just “rewrite in Crystal”. We can see that in Stripe or Shopify that it’s more likely for them to hire people that can help them in some way to fix Ruby’s performance (Graal,Rubinius,JRuby).

That leaves Crystal to count on people that pick it for their brownfield projects.
I was thinking if cold e-mails or approaching people like Shopify CEO Tobi could actually lead to some form of corporate support.


Ive never personally seen that work, but I could certainly imagine crystal being attractive to smaller shops looking to get an advantage- technical, recruiting or otherwise.

There is another thread essentially about “marketing” crystal (very, very rough summarization), and I think that along with general advocacy like screencasts, live streams and talks would be a slightly more sustainable path to get people to use it.

My $0.02

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@ganymedes Tobias Lutke already played with Crystal and did really liked it. You can find it in his Tweets.

Crystal is in use at some big name companies.

PWC globally
MKC globally
Woodside Petroleum
Hong Kong Telecom

These are some of the ones I know of


Maybe could make it more prominent on the main page “thanks to our 2 gold sponsors, we are currently looking for more and love corporate sponsors!” or the like :)

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Yes but do they contribute to Crystal financially?
I can afford $20 monthly contributions but that’s not going to help that much at the end of the day.

Well, I work for a big USA company, I use crystal scripts to run tasks on datacenter’s servers. Also, I’m developing an internal tool using Amber. I’m very lucky my peers let me use crystal besides .Net, hopefully they will see how powerful and useful is it and join the project or even collaborate with it :smile:


Interesting, where did you find this info? Are they listed in some crystal website?

Edit: I think I found it

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Thanks for this! Do you mind sharing the source of this information? We would love to reach out but need to know a bit more.

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Crystal is not immature and does not lack necessary core developers, lol