CL Which applications use Crystal Language?

Which/what applications use CL?

every personal app I have now is written in Crystal

What’s “CL”? Oh, and welcome to Crystal!

Presumably Crystal Language.

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Good question! This brings up a good opportunity to create a list and help promote Crystal. Other languages have something similiar:

Maybe the Crystal examples could be rolled into awesome-crystal?

Some consulting companies publish similar lists too. Something similar to these would look good on the website:

I know there are more examples out there from other languages…

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Oh. Apps having issues?

There is such a list:

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Crystal Language

oh, duh :sweat_smile: lol. For some reason I was thinking maybe “command line”, or maybe it was something else I wasn’t thinking of.

I’ve been using Crystal in production for about 3 years now. Mainly just websites, but we handle 4+ million users. All running on AWS.

Hope that helps.

Are the human coded Apps having more problems or less than Apps created by AI?

Oh and what’s AWS…? Automated web server? Lol

Ah sorry, Amazon Web Services. My apps are all web based, so we host the apps using Amazon’s cloud hosting.

@jwoertink Just so you don’t spend time on this, @Darimac1 is a troll and was blocked

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oh man :man_facepalming: thanks for the heads up.

I implemented a customized sidekiq/resqueue like job scheduler (forking jobs vs in process jobs exectuion.), and a customized version of anycable(no redis, tailable mongodb cursors in 4 are awsome) ws handler for our LMS system