Jeremy Woertink

Hey all, my name is Jeremy and I use Crystal in production.

I started programming in 2006 after being in the music industry for a while. My first language was Ruby, and since then I’ve gone on to work for companies using PHP, VB NET, C#, and back to Ruby. I was also an instructor for a dev bootcamp in Utah called DevPoint Labs. I now live in Las Vegas working for an adult media company where most of our applications are written in rails, but are slowly being rolled over in to crystal.

I also have a side project called where you can look up your username handle across all the different social media sites. That’s currently in rails, but I’d love to move to crystal once a few things are added in.

Some questions I get often about my crystal in production usage…

  • Yes the sites are public facing, and no I can’t really post links anywhere.
  • The apps currently handle a few hundred thousand people a day with up to a few million members.
  • We deploy to Elastic Beanstalk on AWS using docker.
  • Moving from rails to a crystal stack has saved us money (though, not fully sure on how much just yet). (e.g. our sites used to go down once a week or so, and now have been running for over a month with no issues on smaller machines.

I’m in the gitter rooms pretty often, so feel free to ask other questions, or shoot me a DM if you want to know more.