Crystal paid courses

Do you guys know of any “pro-level” course for Crystal?

By pro-level I mean those courses that get you by the hand and teach every single aspect of the language, from ground up, with hundreds of lessons, like those complete courses found in Udemy.

I couldn’t find anything related to Crystal other than simple tutorials and the official documentation itself.

Here is a good example of what I’m talking about:

1 Like is the only “course” for Crystal I’m aware of.

Would it not be easier (and cheaper) to use the public API and reference docs, in addition to the gitter channel/forums? We’d be happy to answer any questions/work through scenarios, no need to pay for that.

The Exercism Crystal track is good. The mentors are much quicker than the ones on other tracks I’ve tried.

I think the priority should be raising Crystal’s profile and for that I think free training is a lot more compelling than paid for training.

You could also try the ebook Programming Crystal, price: $19.95

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