Mentor/Maintainer Needed at Exercism

Hello. I first discovered Crystal via but I was sad to find that after a few weeks, I didn’t have a mentor get back to me. Would anyone be willing to mentor me (and the other two in queue) until I complete the course and can feel confident in being a Mentor/Maintainer myself?

Sure, easiest solution would be to join the Crystal gitter chat. Feel free to ask any questions etc there.


I’ve signed up as a mentor.

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I really appreciate it. I’m going to switch back to mentored mode, I have about half of them done in independent so you’re welcome to be as terse as you need to be when they cross your list so you’re not having to spend an excessive amount of time on feedback.


We are two in the queue, anyone want to do a little bit of mentoring?
In my turn, I will do a little on the first exercises which do not require a great level :slightly_smiling_face:

I switch to the practice mode. I will correct myself by looking at other people’s solutions :)

Hey, I signed up as a mentor too!
Did some exercises too, and published them publicly if you want to take a look