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Pair programming in Crystal

I think one of the best ways to get new developers introduced to a project (aka. onboarding) is to have pair-programming sessions with them. I just had a great session with @straight-shoota about Shardbox that was mentioned in another thread. I now know enough about that project to be able to contribute and the video recording might be also useful for others who would like to get an overview of the project.

I think it could be a great way for newcomers to the Crystal community to have the opportunity to work directly with more experienced people. I know I would love to have more pair-programming sessions.

Would you be interested to have a pair programming session with me or with other newbies? Would it be ok with you to make it a live session (recorded and published) or would you prefer to pair-program in private session? Please comment below.


I would always be up for a pair programming session. I’m a core maintainer of Lucky and there’s plenty we could do or learn if you’re interested in web frameworks or ORMs.

Anyone can feel free to reach out to me


Great Idea!

I’ve seen recently on some successful YouTube tech channels, try either live Twitch sessions (recordings later posted on YouTube) or actually two programmers getting together and recording their pair programming session and sharing that live or as a recording.

I always vote for both, as recording are great for people position around the globe who can’t join live sessions.

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