Searching for feedback of crystal concepts

I am actively working on a learning mode for Crystal on Exercism. The learning mode is built of concepts (for example strings or arrays) that holds text and examples of the concept and with each concept comes an exercise. As of now is 1 concept under going review, and another one is in active development.

From the crystal community would I appricate if some one is willing to read through the concepts and give feedback.Feedback on the exercise is also welcome but the focus will be the text since there will be reviews from other exercism memebers (non crystal developer).

The amount of prs which is up for review will differ but is probably between 0-2 before the release (which will be around 10 concepts). If a concept pr is set as open or draft so feel free to comment in that thread. Otherwise if the pr is already merged in or closed, do NOT comment , instead open an issue or send me a direct message. I don’t want disscusions in closed prs.

If you are intrested in reviewing you can send me a direct message on this forum I think or send a message in this thread.

Other than that if you just like to go in and look at 1-2 concepts so is here a list concepts which is under review and welcomes feedback:
[Concept]: Add basic by meatball133 · Pull Request #340 · exercism/crystal (


Another pr is done, this pr has the bool concept and exercise.
It should be easier to give feedback on compared to the basic one since this is more specific.
Here is the link: [Concept]: Add bools by meatball133 · Pull Request #344 · exercism/crystal (

Feedback from the crystal community is very welcomed.

Mostly in the files which host the “concept” text, which explains what the bool type in the crystal is and some methods around that. I am open to most feedback around the writing and suggestions if parts could be improved.

Also the links.json is another file I am interested in feedback on, I have mainly used links to official docs but if you know some good resources around bools in crystal so would I gladly take a look at it.