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Learn Crystal with me - Crystal Course

I have been learning Crystal for a few weeks now and part of what I do when I learn something new is going over my previous training materials and create it for the language. So I started to put together my slides for my Crystal course

I think I have enough material now to start using it so I am going to run a Crystal course teaching what I already know and learning a lot more from my students. In a way learning together.

I guess most of the people on this forum are a lot more experienced in Crystal than I am, but if you are new to Crystal you are invited to join me.

If you know someone who might be interested to learn, but would prefer to do this in a course, please let them know about the course.

Registration to the Crystal programming language course

The course will have several sessions and it is free of charge.


Hi, I think you are missing a chapter about local, global vars and the role of constants can play as cheap global vars.


I am sure I am missing a lot of chapters/details and I appreciate any suggestions.

I’ll delve into the local/global/constant issue. Thanks.

Wow! It`s awesome, I will use it!