Crystal VSCode Extension v0.9.0 Released

The Crystal lang VSCode extension version 0.9.0 has just been released! A full changelog is available here, but essentially this is a rewrite from the ground up for reliability, performance, and maintainability.

By default, the problems runner, hover provider, and definitions provider are turned on. This may not be ideal for larger projects due to compile times and memory usage, so it is recommended to turn them off in the vscode settings. That can be done per-project by creating a .vscode/settings.json file with:

// .vscode/settings.json
  "crystal-lang.definitions": false,
  "crystal-lang.dependencies": false,
  "crystal-lang.hover": false,
  "crystal-lang.problems": false,
  "crystal-lang.spec-explorer": false,

Or if those features aren’t desired, they can be turned off user-wide instead of just for a project/workspace.

If you run into any issues or problems, don’t be afraid to reach out to me or create an issue on the GitHub repo!


Really appricate the additon of syntax highlighting in markdown :pray:.