Visual Studio Code Extension v0.4.0

Hi, Crystal community I’m Faustino, I’ve been using crystal since 2017 and I love it.

I’m the co-author of VSCode Crystal Lang Extension and the co-creator of Crystal Lang Tools Organization. Also, I’m a member of the Amber Framework Team, an awesome tool to create wonderful full-stack projects quickly without sacrificing performance and code structure.

I apologize for the issues I couldn’t review all this time. I’ve been less active since last year for personal reasons. Well, I’m back again :smiley:

Currently, I’m publishing a new version of VSCode Crystal Lang Extension.

The new minor version has many fixes done by awesome crystal lang community :tada:

This extension is available on Visual Studio Marketplace

Feel free to test it, report new issues and publish fixes/features via PRs!

I’ll do my best to review them in my spare time.

Also, since some more active devs like @Acciaiodigitale and @rx14 can already merge PRs and publish releases, I’m thinking in a script to check package.json version and publish it automatically to the Marketplace, like I’m doing now with Amber on AUR.

BTW, Because current world situation, I’m full working from home, please stay safe, Cheers!


Thank you very much!
I’m enjoying it in VS Codium, just reloaded 0.4.0


Glad to see you are back! I use this extension all the time and find it really useful. Hopefully scry gets updated sometime soon, would love to get intellisense support.


@faustinoaq Thank you for all the hard work of the last 3 years!