Error: no such file or directory in reference to

This error appears any time I try to run the crystal command, even crystal --version.

Error follows:

crystal: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I don’t think this is a bug, I think I have something misconfigured or broken. But I don’t know what. I have all the dependent libraries (just checked) and am running Manjaro linux on kernel 4.9.

what version of llvm do you have installed?


it looks like the crystal on your install is looking for llvm version 8 and you have version 9 on your computer. I have not seen this error and dont really know but can you install llvm-8 or reinstall crystal to try and get it to link against llvm-9

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Yup, sorry for forgetting that detail in my original message. Just uninstalled and reinstalled Crystal, and the error still happens. I only have llvm 7 or 9 available on this system. Is there any way to manually instruct the compiler to link to a particular version of llvm?

oooh maybe I could symlink to…

Gah, figures. Symlinking didn’t work either, it’s still expecting LLVM8.

How did you install Crystal?

The official distribution package has LLVM8 statically linked. It shouldn’t require any dynamic libraries.

I had the official repo version and updated to 0.32 by downloading the package from the arch package search and installing it with pacman -U. I wonder if I have a weird situation where I have more than one crystal on my path…

That was my problem, there was a dynamically-linked crystal on the $PATH at a higher position than the system one. Thanks for your help guys.