Expect to know the lastest news for How Nikola motor use Crystal

Nikola, probably the biggest company which use Crystal, right?

The only latest news I can find for Nikola and Crystal is this blog come from manas tech blog since 02/11/2020

Have to mention, at that Time (2020/02), Nikola even never built a moving car,

two and a half years have passed, i am glad to see a really Nikola TRE is out, though electric only, and driving by a youtuber in this video.

So, @manas, if consider do a new interview with Isaac Sloan?


In other news: the Nikola guy is guilty of securities fraud…

Maybe time to quiet that link to Crystal and Manas…

Why? What does this have to do with Crystal? Milton has left Nikola years ago.
The company is doing well and a great supporter of Crystal.