Quinton Miller (@HertzDevil) joins the Core Team

We are immensely happy to have Quinton (@HertzDevil) join the Core Team of Crystal. In case you don’t know him yet, he’s been contributing to Crystal with lots of amazingly right-on-spot PRs, fixing and enhancing the compiler in many ways.

Please join me in showing some love for Quinton! :heart:


Congrats @HertzDevil! I’m honestly surprised you’re just joining now - with the quantity and quality of your contributions, both in PRs and comments here, I had assumed you were already part of the core team! Well earned!


Congrats! Well deserved!

Congrats, I am more shocked to find out this wasn’t already the case!

We appreciate you @HertzDevil! :heart:

Extremely well-deserved!!! Exciting news!

By the amount and quality of his contributions I thought he was already part of the core team, congrats @HertzDevil !! :rocket: