Feature Suggestion: Show Topic Hierarchy Above Post


When not navigating by creating new tabs or heavy use of the browser back button, it’s kind of unclear how to get back to the category the you were in before opening a topic. Currently we have the following setup:

We can see the tags on the post, but it’s not clear that one of these (“Community”) is the category the topic is in while the other (“Introductions”) is simply a tag on the topic. What I would like is a navigation bar or some other graphical element that makes it clear what category the topic is in. Preferably this would show the entire hierarchy of topics (e.g. “Community > Shards > Web Services”, when Crystal is widely used and there are hundreds of web service shards).



The post is actually in the “Introductions” category, and that category is inside the “Community” category. So it is pretty much what you describe.


Huh. Perhaps I am just not yet used to how a Discourse forum is structured. It’s rather unintuitive to me that opening the “Community” category shows all the sub-category topics.


You can see just the community topic using https://forum.crystal-lang.org/c/community/none. Perhaps there’s a way to make “none” the default selection for the sub-category selector.


Right, but the forums I’m used to would have the “none” as default but also list the sub-categories. I guess I’ll have to see if I just get used to Discourse or if that hierarchical manner of navigation is something I think is actually better than the way Discourse appears to do things.