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Forum navbar non-clickable

FYI, we notice that the latest update on discourse seems to have broken the overrides on the discourse team. The navbar with Home, Forum, Docs, etc links are currently not clickable.

As a reminder, you can always change to Light or Dark theme from . Although those themes do not have links in navbar in the first place.


Oh man I thought I was the only one lol.


Me too lol. I was just about to make a post about this.

It’s pretty unusable at this point. I wrote the original forum CSS with the intent of maintaining it, but I can’t now…

I never even saw those nav options. So, I went looking/clicking and found that you have to be in Desktop View to see it. The Mobile view doesn’t seem to show those nav options. [I usually use the mobile view.]

If you can live without the links you can also just select any non-default theme.

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You wouldn’t believe what the fix is…

Change a “950” to “1050” in CSS

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Almost, that make it clickable but the title of the current post will not appear on the navbar when scrolling down.

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I also can’t reach my preferences anymore.

Can we remove the custom theme? Check the one for Elixir, I think they only changed some colors and the logo (and maybe that doesn’t need a CSS at all):


Can we please just remove this custom header? It clearly doesn’t work as intended and makes everything worse than using the default.
We can add it back when it gets fixed.

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Crystal theme disabled.