Old homepage better, bring it back

I came to www.crystal-lang.org homepage and saw all the menu items that used to at the top of the page are gone, hidden behind another icon.

Please bring the old layout back. it was so functional and easy to use.

I think this might be a screen resolution/size/device issue on your end.
I have to top links for Home/Forum/Blog/… and they only go away when I increase the zoom level to Mobile-browser sizes.

The navigation menu only changes to a sit behind a burger button when the viewport size is <=992px. There has been no recent change to that.

Ah, so it seems it was zoomed in too much, and when I zoomed back out they were there again. :smiley:

That’s interesting because it’s the first time that’s happened and its affect was unexpected.
Well at least I know now what happened and its cause.