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Website header has been broken for awhile. Why?

Just posting about this because every time I come on the Crystal site, it drives me nuts. The animation/interaction with the lines in the header has been broken for quite some time. It used to work. Just curious why it hasn’t been fixed?

And I’ve checked this on multiple browsers and machines. So, I’m 99% sure it’s not something on my end. If you’re not going to fix it, at least remove it or something. It just looks bad.

It’s something extremely minor, I know, but it looks very unprofessional and tacky. Especially to anyone who is coming to the site for the first time. I know I’d be turned off if I was looking into a new language and their website didn’t even function correctly.

It what sense it’s broken to you? Maybe I am so used to it I am missing something obvious to you.

The lines in the background used to interact with your mouse and float around. Now it’s static and just looks messy. I don’t remember the name or library it’s associated with. But, the background lines would kind of follow your mouse and float around.
Kind of similar to that, but with the image in the Crystal bg obviously, how it follows your mouse if youre hovering over it.

As far as I recall they only change on onload/resize. Some people complain that the rotating/draggable logo was already a lot of cpu. So… not broken, but there is a delta with your expectations I think :-)

Oh, hmm, I could’ve sworn like a month or so ago it was interactive. :stuck_out_tongue: Oops.

This is exactly what I was talking about! Finally found it lol. It was like this with the onHover set to grab.

Was it really never like that? Maybe I’m losing my marbles :stuck_out_tongue:

Were you thinking of

I don’t think so. I swear I distinctly remember that black background and white lines being interactive and then coming back and seeing it static how it is now and thinking that it looked off.

Maybe it’s the Mandela effect or something :rofl: