Gathering application monitoring stats


I would like to gather some stats about my application, which the app then can provide via a JSON endpoint.

I found GC::Stats as already mentioned here. I was wondering why the gc count is in LibGC instead of the GC::Stats?

Also, I think it might make sense monitor a little bit more than just GCs. The JVM has a a nice management interface using JMX, which can extract stats like memory in use/currently free memory/etc independently from the OS. Is there anything like that for crystal as well?


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Sorry, I don’t understand what that means.

But the answer is that right now the API is provisional and subject to change. We don’t know if we’ll stick with boehm GC and whether we’ll even provide stats at all (depending on the GC we end up using).

So yes, we can improve this area a lot, but it will always be provisional and subject to change until 1.0.