Hi all, I'm Sean

Hello everyone! My name is Sean Gregory; you might see me post as skinnyjames, although I’m not skinny and my name isn’t James.

I’m an Ex-GitLab Team member, art school dropout, and a person with a passion for collaboration, quality, and improvement.

One of my previous co-workers introduced me to Crystal, and the language has been such a pleasure to work with. I really enjoy solving problems with it, and I also enjoy reading the open and thoughtful discussions on design decisions by the core team and community.

I’ve been employing Crystal for about a year now, and have been building out a framework for writing and building OS package installers and a library for working with git.

I’m also very passionate about social and individual agency, and I’m often (re)considering practical improvements to systemic organizations of effort. I also like making things and working through ideas through design, paint, and sometimes animation.

Hope to have opportunities to chat and collaborate with you all!


Hi Sean! Out of curiosity, do you have a link about the fwk for package installer?



I the package installer framework is part of a more generic concurrent task runner, but it aims to fill in gaps with chef omnibus.

The docs for it are here: Omnibus - Barista

Please let me know if you see big room for improvement! :smile: