Hi Crystal Forum - I'm trying to spread the word about a polyglot conference and I think a Crystal talk would be a good fit

Hope y’all don’t mind me sharing.

I’ve taken over responsibility for rebooting the Carolina Code Conference for the first time since 2019 (precovid), which is a polyglot conference in Greenville, SC on August 19th this year. We’re looking to get a wide variety of language representation through our speakers and I wanted to share the call for speakers here before the deadline ends on May 25th.

This first year we’re working hard to make sure the event in a memorable one to give us momentum for a bigger 2024.

The conference is also entirely sponsor supported and if there’s any interest there you can find full details on the website. We are in relaunch mode and I’ve been at this for about 5 weeks now, so the primary site is currently a substack until we can complete the new permanent site.

We’re also trying to crowdsource the conference t-shirt, so if you think you can turn the song lyrics to Don’t Stop Believing into Crystal code, please feel free to make an entry!

I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Just curious if y’all have any questions?

The talks will also be professionally recorded and available on YouTube.

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I do: do you consider remote speakers, or attendance is mandatory? Thx!

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This year it’s entirely in person. Since this is the conference reboot year on a relatively short planning timeline we’re trying to keep things simple.

It’s a beautiful place to visit though: https://www.visitgreenvillesc.com/

Future years, I’m open to remote speakers though.

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Thanks for sharing Barry, I am trying to check with the ambassador interests around that location for paper submissions.

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Thank you! There are 10 days left.