Hi, I am Onur

Hi, My name is Onur, and I am a co-founder of www.hipcall.com in the telecom sector. we use Crystal for our backend jobs, as it is easy to write and maintain, especially if you have a Ruby background.

By the way, if any member lives in London, we can organize an event to go to a pub and chat. :slight_smile:



Hi Onur! Do you want to add your company to the list? Used in production - The Crystal Programming Language

Hi Beta Ziliani,
I have just added the Hipcall to list. Have a good day.


It would be nice to have the list able to be presented in alphabetical order.

By default it’s sorted by area and name. You can change the order by clicking in the column.

OK, thanks. I see the other columns sort in different ways too.
Would be useful to note these options on the page.

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