Ian Rash

Hello all! I’m Ian, I’ve been using Crystal for close to two years now. I went to Crystal Code Camp 2017, and had a great time there! My main contributions to Crystal have been:


  • perlin_noise - An implementation of the Ruby perlin_noise gem written by Spooner
  • world_gen - A world generation library for crystal, if you’d like to see pictures, check this
  • pixel_lang - A pixel based esolang. Also has a web interface.

I really enjoy security work and have been pentesting a VStarCam C7824WIP IP Camera, the bulk of the code I have written for the project is in Crystal. Crystal’s fiber system really works well for dealing with the laggy, buggy, and confusing outputs from the camera and it really helps stream line everything.

I really enjoy the Crystal project and I hope we have many more years of awesome updates!