Is there a way to merge those document fix and add it into next release ASAP?


Fix docs error for File.match? `**` globbing pattern. by zw963 · Pull Request #12343 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub,

My concern is, those document fix never breaking anything, right? those a very simple changes, we can always release it safely, not worry about breaking something, probably we need a individual more efficient/simple CI process for those simple doc things instead.

We have a lot of documentation need additions/fixes/improvements, better documentation is better for newcomers, i really want to help, but the current process leaves me unmotivated.

Following is comment by @straight-shoota

The best way is to comment with ping on that issue. I follow the repo and I actually commented on the issue back then. But then I forgot. So all that’s needed is a ping. I or someone else will see that ping.

For reviewers, this link might be helpful to identify PRs that have already one approval from a Core Team member, so reviewing them would help to move them forward (low hanging fruit).

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