Request for review on PR/issue

Got a PR or issue where you’ve responded to all feedback and (waited 72 hours and then) didn’t get a response. Add to this thread to get some more eyes on it! :) If that doesn’t work after 72 hours, add a comment to the PR (ex: “ready for review”). Rinse and repeat… :)


Here’s one:

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I totally agree I have had a few PRs out for a while. The core team is small and tries to commit code as well as review all the PRs that are out there. there are a few core team members that I have not seen in a while so the reviews might go slower.

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In my perfect world, generating a PR could have a “template” (like issues do) to tell people what to expect, how to act as things happen, etc…if github even allows that [?], like “if no response from core within 72 hours, leave another comment!” or what have you :)

I think github uses your last commit message to seed your PR template which is not ideal. We could make a bot to post things for people but I feel like that could be a fair amount of work I would not want someone from the core team to spend time on that over the compiler. Unless they wanted too.

Here’s a PR that could use some attention, thanks!

GitHub repositories can have a template for pull requests. You can see an example here:


Here’s a couple PR’s that could use review: