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Jobs using Crystal

I am new to Crystal, but I was interested to see what kind of job openings are there for Crystal and how to find them?

I saw in the history that there was a dedicated web site called crystaljobs, but that does not seem to work now. I also searched on both LinkedIn and StackOverflow for the words “crystal”, “crystallang”, and “crystal-lang” but every job post was just talking about being “crystal clear” in their goal. Nothing to do with the programming language.

So I wonder if there are (open) jobs out there using Crystal and how one would find them?

I haven’t looked for any, but Crystal seems like a still fledging language so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had difficulty finding one. I good place to start would be the sponsors page.

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At some point we should add a Jobs category on the forum :slight_smile:
Good like with your search, @szabgab !

With or without a dedicated category, the forum is definitely a good place for this. And there have been occasional postings here.