The Crystal Programming Language Forum

Launched alpha

Check it out at

This is still a very early version so there may be a few bugs, if so, report them to me here please. Try to break the site. I want to know what needs to be fixed before I move on.

Prob would make more sense to move this thread to news or community section fwiw.

You need a proper certificate for that domain.

Is there no possibility to access content without a user account?


I have a cert now. Some of the issues have been sorted out that were broken on deployment. So, it should be running a lot better now.

Yes, that’s a possibility. I’ll enable that sometime soon here in the near future.

Spreading out knowledge is actually harmful, because now more hoops for them to jump through to find that help. The forums should be fine for this.

This is the same thing the Godot repo went through. Look at their community tab lmao. There used to be just one location to share knowledge, scripts, tools, etc. Now, information is scattered and it takes forever to find anything of value because the user has no idea where to go…

One centralized place is the entire point of having an open source community. Community!