Reviewer/approver for changes to crystal-community/


I noticed the other day that could do with a bit of love and so I’ve spent some time improving it a little:

I’d like to bring this up to the standard of the JSON and YAML libraries in the stdlib, especially adding a TOML::Serializable module to parse directly to objects, as well as making the parser compliant with TOML v1.0.0.

Does someone with write permissions to this repo have some time to review these changes?


I believe @asterite (Ary Borenszweig) is the main maintainer :slight_smile:

@bcardiff Brian, can you help on this?

I wouldn’t expect either to be active; it’s in crystal-community’s hand now. @willhbr perhaps you can ask a moderator of crystal-community to add you as maintainer?

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Latest release was by @veelenga . Unless there is any objections and if @willhbr wants to be a maintainer, I should be able to grant him access to the repo.

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I’m happy to take maintainer powers, I promise I’ll be responsible :slight_smile:


I was wrong, I don’t have owner access in that organization. @veelenga or benoist are the ones that can do that.

If there is no response I can merge the PRs at least.

Thanks @bcardiff and @veelenga :slight_smile:

Will leave those larger PRs open for a bit in case anyone wants to do a drive-by review.

I think I’ve worked out a nice way of deserialising directly to objects, hoping to get that implemented soon.