Markd: donate or maintainers wanted

Unfortunately, i as a maintainer of markd which it is a markdown parser no longer has the time and/or resources to work on markd further. This means that bugs will not be fixed and features will not be added unless someone else does so.

I would like to donate the project to the Crystal community if anyone would accept it, please reply or file an issue to let me know.


Thank you for your wonderful work on markd! It went from a shard to actually being used internally by the compiler for documentation generation.

With that in mind, I think what should happen is that markd is moved into the standard library, maybe in the Markdown namespace. After all the compiler already depends on markd, and it has proven to work really well.

Just my 2 cents.


For starters, we could host it in crystal-lang if that’s ok with you @icyleaf . Thanks a lot for a your great work :bowing_man:

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@asterite @beta-ziliani I tried to transfer the project to crystal-lang, it was failed because to transfer a repository that you own to an organization, you must have permission to create a repository in the target organization.

Yes, the way this needs to go is that you invite a Core Team maintainer to the repo as collaborator and then they can transfer the project.

I would ask to wait a minute with that though. We have heard two different proposals what could happen to the project. There might even be other viable options. Even with the two options, there’s no decision yet.
And while just transferring the repo to crystal-lang is certainly the most easiest step, it’s not very helpful if we decide to incorporate markd into the stdlib. There’s a long history of discussions about this which has never had any conclusion. It seems to be the time now to finish that up.
If that’s okay with you @icyleaf, I would ask to leave it at the current location until there’s a decision where we want to go. It avoids unnecessary friction. Moving a repository on GitHub is easy, but dealing with the aftermath may not be.
We could still add other people as acting maintainers on the current repository.
I’d be happy to do that and I think @asterite is somehwat familiar with the code base as well.



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