Updates in crystal-lang-tools organization

We want to share how we are going to handle the maintenance and ownership of crystal-lang-tools github organization.

For contextual information, the organization was created by enthusiast members of the community. Eventually @bcardiff was granted the owner role as he was the project leader appointed by Manas at that time.

Since then Manas/Core-Team has granted maintainer access to the organization to other community members. As availability changes through time it’s reasonable to expect that these roles are temporal.

Tooling development is an important aspect for the language to succeed. For that we need the compiler and other tools to offer the required API. This aspect is under the umbrella of the crystal-lang core-team responsibilities. But the actual creation of the tools for the great variety of editors is not.

Going forward we are going to make it formal that

  • The ownership of the organization itself will be guarded by the crystal-lang steering committee.
  • The crystal-lang core team, in general, is not responsible for the actual development in the repositories of the crystal-lang-tools organization. Yet, it is possible that efforts will be invested as part of tooling improvement.
  • The crystal-lang steering committee in consultation with the core-team will be able to appoint/remove individual project maintainers.

In the short term we will likely need to do some cleanup in the organization’s repos and we are going to try to appoint maintainers for each repository.


So glad to hear this good news!

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