Looking for additonal maintainers for the Invidious project


I’m a developer over at Invidious, an alternative privacy-centric front-end to YouTube.

We’ve recently got flooded with a bunch of excellent new PRs, and we’re having trouble reviewing them all.

Would anyone here be interested in helping maintain Invidious?



I’m not experienced enough to really be of much use in such a large project, but I wanted to take this opportuniy to thank you for your work and invidious, it’s a great thing.

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I’m new to Crystal, same with Invidious (I just have my local instance which I use at home, nothing else), but I would like to help.

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Thank you so much :smiley:

Awesome! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just head on over to the repository when you’re ready there’s a lot of issues to resolve and a ton of PRs to review.

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