Making Blog Posts

I was wondering if there is a way to submit blog posts for the website Blog.

After doing a number of Rosetta Code tasks now, I have experienced lots of trials, tribulations, and triumphs that could be educational for others.

So I was thinking of proposing something like my: Rosetta Code Chronicles
to write about them.

If this is something you would approve of, please provide the process for doing it:
submission guidelines, format, etc.



I cannot judge whether that’s something we would want on the main blog. However when it comes to the process, it’s as simple as adding a file to

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I assume you mean the crystal main website? :)

I think such a blog post would be very much appreciated!

Hi @jzakiya, a contribution to the blog post regarding lessons learnt and insights gained during the rosetta code contributions is welcomed.

I don’t want to start by telling you what to write or what not to.

What we can do and have done in the past with other guest blogs post is.

  1. You create an outline of the post
  2. Share with Manas and core team to receive feedback on the outline (before investing more effort).
  3. You write the content
  4. Proof reading + one more feedback iteration
  5. Either you or us post it to the website

For steps 1-4 using google docs should work fine. That is what we usually use before writing release posts and other posts.

If google docs works for you, you can share a comment enabled link with me and I will forwarded to the rest of the people.

In a more personal note, I would be more interested in content regarding lessons learned and techniques used rather that Ruby/Crystal delta. But is not a hard restriction.


May I suggest using Dropbox Paper if you have access to it? It’s soooo much better for these kind of things. Google Docs feels archaic in comparison.

Open Source Projects (OSPs )should use and support other OSPs, so I would suggest using any of these OSP file sharing services.

Probably the most well known|popular is NextCloud which will serve everyone’s needs.

The goal is to create a specific, well defined and followed process, that people on any platform (Linux, Macs, Win) can use. The more cloud/browser based (no apps to download) probably the better, for this purpose.

But whatever it is, provide the urls to use, the protocols to follow, and the expected feedback to be given.

I don’t expect to have an advertised process for everybody to contribute to the blog post. It is not a community blog. Guest posts are welcomed from time to time. Sometime we reach to the writers, sometimes is the other way around.

My mention of gdocs was a suggestion/example, not a requirement.

The process is what I mentioned. Something that will allow us both to iterate on the ideas in a media that is shared between the involved parties. Having a low friction comments functionality is important IME.

We don’t host any file sharing platform.

The process can be done with any available tool of your preference, in worst case we can default to email or gists (?).

I’m happy to move forward on a post you proposed.