Rtfm 0.1.0, a crystal dash docset reader

I just released the first version of rtfm (read the formidable documentation), it’s a linux/gnome desktop application to read dash/Zeal docsets, i.e. read documentation.

It still in early steps… barely usable, but it includes a dash docset for Crystal API :grin:

Feedback on UI is welcome, one thing that I plan to have is a side bar with a list of methods/properties from object related to the page being viewed… looking at dash site, I think dash indexes support something like that…

Meanwhile only ArchLinux packages are provided, I never tried to compile this on Windows nether MacOS.


Now with a screenshot :slight_smile: , with last commits I consider it now almost usable… and usable in the next release.


Ooh, looks very nice indeed. Can’t wait for someone to make a .dep.

(I hear Go has a package that’ll make packages for most package systems without much faffing about. Crystal could use such a thing)

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I’ve been working on something like this: Packaging - Barista

So far .rpm, .deb and .pkg formats are supported.


@hugopl Out of curiosity: What’s wrong with Zeal? :slight_smile:

Isn’t it Qt? Not that that’s “wrong”, but some prefer Gnome.

Some prefer the terminal: GitHub - sunaku/dasht: 💁 Search API docs offline, in terminal or browser

And now i think I might try ravi/consult-dash: Emacs consult interface to dash-docs-el - consult-dash - Codeberg.org

Ah, that’s most likely it :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with Zeal, I started rtfm because:

  • I wanted :nerd_face:.

But also:

  • I miss a version of devhelp for gtk4.
  • I wanted another testbed for my gtk4 bindings.
  • I like to write software for my needs so I can have it the way I want it to or the way the time I have to code them allows to.
  • Many years ago C++ and Qt was my place and I loved them, KDE was of course my desktop of choice, but this was 10 years ago, I don’t feel myself programming in C++ anymore and Qt licensing is a constant menace to open source world, so contributing to Zeal was not an option for me.
  • I’m using Gnome for some years now and I like it very much, this is one reason why the GTK4 bindings exists, also because create bindings for C++ libraries is a hell and I had been there, I worked on the first and not so good Python bindings for Qt sponsored by Nokia also years ago, PySide.