Rtfm 0.4.1


RTFM is a Linux (Gnome) docset reader written in Crystal and GTK4, days ago I released the version 0.4.1, the first usable version (I mean… now at least myself use it), however still not yet in the final form I want it to be.


  • Read docsets :grin:
  • Fuzzy search.
  • Show a sidebar with symbols from the related class/struct/module of the doc you are reading.

Missing features

  • Don’t have an UI to download docsets (at least it can read docsets installed by Zeal).
  • It’s probably leaking memory.
  • Missing some fine grained fuzzy search I want it to have.
  • Fuzzy match being used needs to be calibrated for class names, current one is calibrated for file paths, tl;dr; the fuzzy search can be better… and faster.

Feedback is welcome, missing features will be implemented some day… I just don’t known when :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshot on how it looks.


I’m definitely a big fans of hugopl!

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Great work.