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[Screencast] Write better Crystal code with the Ameba shard!

I just released the latest LuckyCast, which goes through how to set up Ameba in your project, some of the reasons to use it, and how to configure it responsibly to get a large project adhering to the rules.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and you can always watch on the LuckyCasts website, too! You can read more about Ameba on their GitHub page.


Nice job! It manages to be both very informative and a nice, digestible length. I followed the link to add it to my ever-lengthening backlog of videos to watch, but since it was only 7.5 minutes I just went ahead and watched it.


I’m really grateful for that feedback, @RespiteSage! Yes, I’m spending (maybe too much time) trying to keep these episodes jam-packed with content, but also in that 5-8 minute range. It’s wonderful to hear that the format is working for folks.

I was wishing for a shard like this for a long time to enforce better code standards in a team like Eslint or Rubocop do. Thanks !

Please note that there is also a plugin for Ameba integration in VS Code here


Oh nice, hadn’t seen that before!