Show HN post rendered by the Crystal programming language

Hello eveyone,

Just thought I’d share how this show HN post is rendered by Crystal, see note at the bottom of the website:


That’s me, thanks for sharing @rrevi :slight_smile:

I built mostly to learn Crystal better, in fact! It’s about 5k lines of code, making good use of kemal, awscr-s3, redis, kilt, slang crystals (plus spec-kemal and timecop on the spec side of things).

I also posted How about extending this to comparing programming language efficiency from a dev... | Hacker News on a HN discussion comparing programming languages, trying to show how Crystal is in a sweet spot for both performance and developer happiness. Not sure if that message got across.


You sumarize incredibly well the Crystal’s sweet spot I’m talking about recently (a lot better than me :sweat_smile:).