Starship prompt

I have just tried out startship prompt. And I love it. It as built-in support for Crystal and Shards! :rocket: That’s a nice surprise I didn’t really expect.

For example, this is the prompot shown in a checkout of the shards repo:

The prompt shows directory name, git branch, version from shard.yml, the existence of a vagrantfile (which is seriously outdated and hopefully not in use anywhere), as well as Crystal version.

Notice my font (Inconsolata Nerd Font Mono) even has the Crystal logo embedded. That was another pleasent surprise :+1:

It’s great to see growing Crystal presence in developer tooling :heart_hands:

I’ve used a hand-crafted prompt in zsh before which gave some nice contextual awareness. But starship takes it to another level by having automatic integrations for so many tools.
And it’s still quite fast, so no need to worry about performance.


They gave me the crystal orb :sob:

But that’s great to see things expanding! :partying_face:

Just said goodby to oh-my-zsh ;-)

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Yeah, you’ll need a nerd font and enable nerd font symbols in starship.
This affects the other symbols as well (git, package, vagrant), so it’s not a Crystal thing.

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I’m still using some omz plugins like direnv.
Probably could do it differently, but it’s convenient.
Starship really doesn’t replace omz, though. Right? :sweat_smile:

Show like this on my minipc.

My my Crystal is a magical ball?

I had the same thing. You have to install the NerdFont first, then install the Starship plugin Nerd Font Symbols Preset | Starship After I did that, it worked.