TechEmpower benchmarks - Reason for Kemal errors

I am loving porting some of my Go code to Crystal. It is satisfying how much easier things are in Crystal and Kemal. I love the simplicity of Kemal.

So, I was just curious to see how Kemal performs in the TechEmpower Benchmarks. I saw that some of the benchmarks show that there were errors when using Kemal. Does anyone know the cause of these errors? Does this have to do anything with the ability of Kemal to handle these requests? I hope that is not the case, as that would be unfortunate.

Some links to these benchmarks:

Would appreciate if anyone with more knowledge about these errors has something to say.

Thank you.

I dont see a way to find the specific errors. Is there a link to the errors?

Sorry, but I don’t know what the errors are. I don’t much about how these benchmarks, except that many people refer to them in the different forums. Since people are looking at these, I believe those with more knowledge about these benchmarks should try to address this issue of errors when they have time.

Paging @sdogruyol, he is the creator of kemal, and is very active in it’s development, I’m sure he’d love to hear about any issues so he could get on fixing them.

Thank you @redcodefinal. I just want to add that while I specifically called out Kemal (because that is the one I am learning and hoping to use) the errors are also an issue with the other Crystal frameworks such as: crystal-radix and raze.