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VSCode does not work correctly on my 2012 Mac Mini, does it work on more recent machines?

VSCode does not work correctly on my 2012 Mac Mini.
However that machine is rather old.

I was wondering the official plugin for Crystal works on more recent machines or if it is the plugin itself which needs to be improved by its developers ?

Could you share why it’s not working? Or what’s not working? Also which plugin because I think there are many. Probably a good idea to ask this on their github project too.

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  • I was referring to the « official » one : Crystal Language - Visual Studio Marketplace

  • Autocomplete works sometimes, but not must of the time.

  • autocomplete does not show methods prototypes.

  • autocomplete ignores imported (required) modules, imported functions etc.

  • « hover » does nothing at all.

Also, please note that, although my Mac Mini is from 2012, it is up-to-datte (Catalina) and so is my SVCode IDE.

Did you try it in another Mac? I think the behavior you describe is normal. The extension isn’t perfect.

I haven’t. I’m planning to buy a new Mac Mini M1 in the near future, but I haven’t come around to do it yet.

But it’s no a big deal.

All in all, I prefer to use a clean language with a basic IDE support rather than the opposite (Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift or Python have a perfect support for IDE’s, but I don’t like them very much for a lot or personal reasons).