Where's all the Crystal? - .wad and lump file reader, writer, and converter

Where’s all the Crystal? or wa-cr is a Crystal library that lets you read and write from and to DOOM .wad and .lmp files.

It also takes advantage of Raylib-cr with ways to convert graphics and flats to Raylib images to be exported to pngs or drawn to the screen.

Here’s an example of importing a png with Raylib-cr and using wa-cr to replace every wall, floor, and ceiling with it:

wa-cr provides sound conversion methods as well to export .wad sounds to .wav files.

It also has some very simple apps such as MapViewer which lets you view the linedefs and things in a map.

Feel free to mess around with it with the provided DOOM wads in the rsrc folder or see if you can use your own wads, or even make your own using wa-cr!


Cool! Reminds me of something similar I did when I was first learning Crystal.

Does it support UDMF, or only the original WAD format?

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Right now, it only supports file formats used in the original doom wads. Support for zdoom related stuff will probably come some time later

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