Alexander Reelsen


I’m Alex, living in Munich/Germany, Java Developer in the search space by day, but at some point I found Crystal for my night hacking projects and I really like it - even though there are a still a few things missing (OHAI threads), the general direction is awesome! Simplicity, the completeness of the core library (something that many other languages struggle with IMO), the tooling (coming from the JVM I am pretty bullish on this, especially from an economics perspective as it must be easy and fast to onboard new people).

Another very interesting thing for me is the serverless movement, and I think a fast binary with zero overhead on startup compared to other languages can give crystal a major headstart here. If SDKs for AWS/GCP exist I think that would be a huge accelerator for this crystal use-case.

Last but not least I really hope for a European (un)conference at some point!

P.S. If you ever visit Munich and want to talk about Crystal or Java or Search, drop me a note. First round of beers is on me!